Goodwill Employee Retiring after 45 Year

Goodwill said farewell to a longtime employee, Janice Dilts, at the end of December. Janice decided to retire after 45 years with Goodwill. Jani, as she is known at the Falls Creek Processing Center, started working at the Washington Avenue location in DuBois in 1971 where she sorted and priced donations.

“I got the job the same day as my interview. I just started right away, I didn’t even have my lunch!” said Jani.

Jani had many different positions at Goodwill, including working in the store, working in the electrical repair department, processing wares and clothing and pricing items. Occasionally, she also helped train other employees to do the same jobs. She even answered the phones when no one else could. “You could say I was a jack-of-all-trades,” Jani said.

“Over the years, a lot changed. This building (Falls Creek Headquarters) had to be the biggest change.” Jani said. “At one point we had a store and processing center in one building with washers and dryers cleaning all the clothes. We are much bigger now.”

When asked what she will miss most, she said all the people, especially her friend from the start, Peggy. “Peggy and I started out together on Washington Ave. We’ve been working together ever since.”

“To Goodwill, I just want to say thank you,” said Jani. “It is just time for me to retire, and I figured I should let someone else have this job.”