Additional Mission Services Programs

Drivers Education

Take the wheel of your future! Transportation is one of the key barriers to employment in North Central Pennsylvania. Limited public transportation within our rural communities prevents many individuals from finding and keeping jobs. Goodwill’s Driver Training School provides behind the wheel instruction to students, so they can learn how to safely operate a vehicle and obtain their driver’s license. Learn more here.


Goodwill Greenhouse

The “Seeding Success” Goodwill Greenhouse Program is a small business training program that teaches individuals how to run a small agricultural business from seed to sale. The program included 1 large greenhouse, 1 hoop house and 2 gardens. Participants plant the seeds in biodegradable cups, transplant them and take care of them until they are ready for sale. The greenhouse program has also started making and decorating unique planters. The program grows every year and the hope is to have it up and running all year. Sign up for email updates from the Greenhouse team!


School Program

The Goodwill Works Educational Partnership (School Program) is a partnership with local schools to provide job readiness training to students in Life Skills Classes. We offer in classroom training and on the job training in our stores and processing center. The students work side by side with our employees learning basic work skills and working on their teamwork and communication skills.


Keep it Clean with Goodwill

Goodwill’s janitorial staff keeps things safe and clean in many different environments. More than 75% of the janitorial staff have documented barriers to employment and may have difficulty maintaining competitive community-based employment. Through the vocational programs at Goodwill individuals learn the necessary skills to provide superior janitorial services.

Call 1-800-932-8270 for more information on our janitorial contracts.