Employment Specialist Stories

Many people don’t know the history of Goodwill. To make it short and sweet, Goodwill was started by a Methodist Minister in Boston, Mass. back in 1902. He collected used household items and clothes from the wealthy and hired and trained the poor to fix and mend these items. They were either given to the people that fixed them, or they were sold. This is how Goodwill started as a “hand up”, not a hand out. Things have changed over the years since that time. Goodwill still follows the “hand up” rule and now some of the things that we in the Mission Services Department do is to help the many individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment find a job that suits them, help them train and be successful in their job.

Goodwill of North Central PA was started in 1966 in DuBois. Our area and services continues to grow.
This series will be stories from our Employment Specialists in Mission Services.

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