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Training Today. Independence Tomorrow.

At Goodwill we believe that with training and support, individuals can find and keep jobs which lead to greater independence in their lives. Our job training services help individuals facing barriers to employment assess their skills, find a job and thrive in their new work environment.

Personal Work Adjustment Training (PWAT)

Goodwill’s Personal Work Adjustment Training is a short-term paid training program. The PWAT program is designed for individuals facing employment barriers, or those who have no work experience. The PWAT program is a great opportunity to learn very basic work skills such as:

  • Following supervisor instructions
  • Appropriate work behaviors
  • Arriving to work on time
  • Attendance

Community Based Work Assessments (CBWA)

CBWA allows you to receive a paycheck while obtaining real work experience. The program assesses appropriate work possibilities for individuals in a competitive work environment.
 Individuals sample different work settings while Employment Specialists assess their strengths and areas for improvement. This program also gives the individual insight into what types of work they prefer.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching is a comprehensive service designed to guide individuals through the job seeking process and to encourage job retention. Our trained Employment Specialists assist with building resumes, filling out applications, and strategies for finding jobs. They also provide intensive interview training and mock interviews to help individuals become more comfortable with the interview process.

Once on the job, our Employment Specialists provide intensive supports during the initial stages of employment and continued supports and follow-up to assist with job retention. Our team works to give individuals the skills needed to overcome big and small challenges in the workplace.

Goodwill is also dedicated to giving needed supports to our employer-partners as part of our employment programs. We offer a full range of direct supports to employers to provide ongoing training to hired individuals, suggest strategies for success, and to provide interventions should challenges arise in the future. We are dedicated to job success and are available at any point should the consumer or the employer need our assistance.

School Programs

Goodwill Works Educational Partnership

Goodwill partners with school districts to provide job readiness and job shadowing opportunities for students enrolled in Life Skill Programs.
 Partnerships are currently active in the following school districts:

  • Brockway Area School District
  • Brookville School District
  • Clearfield School District
  • DuBois Area School District
  • Punxsutawney Area School District
  • Curwensville School District
  • Wellsboro Area School District

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