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Indulge Your Inner Fashionista...

Are you looking for fabulous fashions? A retro coffee table? Designer handbag? Savvy shoppers know… Goodwill is a treasure hunter’s paradise. Each day, our staff members restock every store with hundreds of fresh items, hand-selected for quality.

...Create Jobs AND Save the Environment!

At Goodwill you can shop and feel great about doing good for our community. Every item you purchase reduces landfill waste and provides Goodwill money that affords someone in your community life-changing education, training, career services and job opportunities.

Every item you purchase from Goodwill reduces landfill waste and helps provide life-changing education, training, career services and job opportunities to someone in your community.

Every time you transform your look, you transform lives, and save the environment. That’s good for everyone!

Return Policy

Goodwill will be happy to offer exchanges for items purchased. Customers may exchange merchandise within 14-days of purchase to any Goodwill Industries of North Central Pennsylvania location with a valid sales receipt and price tags/colored barbs securely affixed to the item. Items without price tags/colored barbs are ineligible for exchange and all final clearance items are non-returnable.

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