Goodwill: A “Mega Recycler” Right Here in our Community

So what exactly is a “Mega Recycler”? While it sounds like it could be a super hero, or a newly discovered dinosaur, a Mega Recycler is an organization, like Goodwill of North Central PA, that recycled over 5 million pounds of goods last year including metal, electronics, shoes, and more. That’s 5 million pounds of items that would have otherwise taken up valuable space in a landfill.

As one of the largest recyclers in North Central Pennsylvania, Goodwill recycles textiles including donated clothing and household items that have holes or stains making them unsellable. Textiles Goodwill cannot use are recycled. We find a use for everything.

Goodwill accepts many electronics for recycling, including old computers, which need to be disposed of properly. Electronics are made of valuable natural resources like metals, plastics, and glass. Recycling electronics allows the materials to be reused, which cuts down on mining and pollution caused by manufacturing brand new materials.

Don’t forget we accept more than just clothes. Goodwill can help you be a Mega Recycler too! Donating is Recycling!